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Click on the news headlines below to see the full story. 
(Sources:,, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Today,
Daily Tribune, Daily, Sun, Cyber Dyaryo,
The Varsitarian, Filipinopress, The Weekly Sillimanian, Bohol Times, National News Digest,
BalikKalikasan, Atin Ito)

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MARCH 2002
Candles for Mark Chua -(03/25/2002)
Academician revolutionizes Nat'l Service Training Program 

Mandatory ROTC program abolished -(02/28/2002)
Cayetano cites new service training program for youth -(02/04/2002)

Former police chief wants to crack murder of UST student Mark Chua

3 more tagged in Chua slay -(01/05/2002)

Chua kidnap-slay, ROTC exposť -(12/29/2001)
All we want for Christmas is justice (Welson Chua) -(12/20/2001)
Military smear job on Cardinal, GMA -(12/15/2001)
Coeds protest ROTC requirement for women
NBI wants suspect in Chua slay extradited -(12/12/2002)
Fears are confirmed; Chua killer not here -(12/12/2002)
Suspect in UST student's slay flees to United States -(12/12/2002)
Suspects in Chua's murder in BID watchlist -(12/07/2002)
2 more Chua slay witnesses emerge -(12/07/2002)
New witness tag ROTC officers in Chua murder -(12/07/2001)
Tejares breaks silence on ROTC murder -(12/06/2001)
'Fall guys' want murder raps over UST stude slay dropped-(12/04/2001)

The program that rots is now optional -(11/29/2001)
NSP in Busko! -(11/29/2001)

Students Set to Resume Sunday Walkouts -(11/23/2001)
B.I. to hold suspects in ROTC cadet slay -(11/23/2001)
ROTC bill Okd -(11/15/2001)
New witness surfaces in killing of UST student -(11/09/2001)
New witness in ROTC cadet's slay surfaces -(11/08/2001)
Senate passes ROTC measure -(11/16/2001)
ROTC definitely optional next year -(11/14/2001)
Macapagal pushes Senate bill making ROTC optional -(11/06/2001)
ROTC to become optional next year, says Sen. Cayetano -(11/06/2001)
ROTC optional next school year, assures Cayetano -(11/06/2001)
Students seek ROTC abolition -(11/05/2001)
To bar or not to bar UST studes over Chua's death -(11/05/2001)
GMA wants 2 suspects in UST slay out of PMA -(11/05/2001)
'Keep kidnap-murder suspects out of PMA' -(11/03/2001)

Iloilo students demand ROTC abolition -(10/31/2001)
ROTC program under NSP OPTIONAL  -(10/28/2001)
ROTC cadet beaten up -(10/25/2001)
Nene cautions GMA vs ROTC revision -(10/11/2001)
GMA clears way for optional ROTC -(10/09/2001)
'Closer to knowing who killed Mark Chua' -(10/05/2001)

Rotc should continue -(09/28/2001)
Rethink plans on ROTC program -(09/28/2001)

ROTC repeal likely: senator -(09/14/2001)
Army to probe death of another ROTC cadet -(09/11/2001) 
Army probes cadet's death during training -(09/11/2001)
ROTC made optional beginning in October -(09/05/2001)
Palace okays optional ROTC -(09/04/2001)
President approves proposal making ROTC course optional
Militants march vs ROTC -(09/02/2001)
Anti-ROTC protestors stopped by authorities during the Alay Lakad 2001 at the Quirino Grandstand. (details Not available) -(09/02/2001)

Senate plans to make ROTC optional -(08/31/01)
Tale of 2 whistleblowers: Mary 'Rosebud' Ong, Mark Chua -(08/31/01)
Militants hit ROTC promotion -(08/26/2001)
Promotion of sacked ROTC chief 'sends wrong signal' -(08/25/2001)
TUP students eye abolition of ROTC -(08/20/2001)
Anti-ROTC cadets, students barricade technical school -(08/18/2001)
Macapagal wants new law on ROTC -(08/18/2001)
Anti-ROTC students reject defense dep't proposal -(08/18/2001)
Group urges students to file complaints in ROTC training -(08/17/2001)
ROTC Opsiyonal na lang sa susunod na semestre -(08/16/2001)
Please do not use my son, says cadet's dad -(08/15/2001)
Optional ROTC program seen next semester -Abalos -(08/14/2001)
ROTC optional starting October -(08/13/2001)
School officials back calls for optional ROTC -(08/11/2001)
Student group renews fight for justice in ROTC slay -(08/11/2001)
Justice for ROTC cadet Mark Chua -(08/05/2001)
Justice first before ROTC reforms, says slain cadet's dad -(08/05/2001)
Why ROTC must be abolished -(08/03/2001)
Abolitionists welcome optional-ROTC proposal -(08/02/2001)
Senate proposal makes ROTC training optional -(08/01/2001)
Anti-ROTC rally attacked; more violence feared -(08/01/2001)

JULY 2001
Senate plans to make ROTC optional -(07/31/2001)
Congress urged to make ROTC optional -(07/29/2001)
ROTC should train, not sell - Army chief -(07/29/2001)
ROTC gagawing optional sa kolehiyo -(07/29/2001)
Roco wants elementary, HS tests abolished -(07/28/2001)
Chua family wants ROTC retained-(07/27/2001)
ROTC cadets told to be united -(07/26/2001)
Dad calls for ROTC abolition -(07/25/2001)
ROTC reform vs abolition -(07/24/2001)
Students divided over ROTC -(07/23/2001)
ROTC cadets to stage "biggest" walkout -(07/22/2001)
UPLB students to stage walkout over ROTC issue -(07/21/2001)
ROTC more than sandwich, softdrinks: study -(07/20/2001)
Anti-ROTC drive launched -(07/18/2001)
Mandaluyong school disowns extortionist -(07/18/2001)
Gov't can require military training even without ROTC -(07/17/2001)
AFP rejects ROTC abolition -(07/17/2001)
ROTC con man charged with robbery-extortion -(07/16/2001)
ROTC abolition calls mount -(07/16/2001)
ROTC protest gains ground -(07/16/2001)
Local ROTC cadets walk out anew -(07/16/2001)
ROTC protest gains ground -(07/16/2001)
Barricades paralyze ROTC classes -(07/16/2001)
ROTC Abolition rejected -(07/15/2001)
Army sends Metro Manila ROTC commandants on retraining

Bagong sindikato sa ROTC nabunyag -(07/15/2001)
Man caught extorting money for 'ROTC exemption' -(07/15/2001)
ROTC Cadets stage another walkout -(07/15/2001)
ROTC cadets stage mass walkout -(07/14/2001)
Anti-ROTC cadets cry harassment -(07/14/2001)
UP-Baguio ROTC cadets walk out -(07/14/2001)
Noise barrage for the abolition of ROTC held at Morayta -(07/13/2001)